101 in 1001

Here is my personal list of 101 things I would like to accomplish in the next 1001 days. 
All tasks that have been completed are strikethrough // Starting Date: August 2016 

[ P E R S O N A L ] 
Get a little 
Get a new piercing (got my second hole pierced) 
Watch a new TV series (Stranger Things) 
Vote in my second Presidential Election 
Donate blood 
Take a painting class 
Celebrate my 23rd birthday 
Get a fourth tattoo (3/14/17) 
Get an apple watch 
Hold a sloth 
Avoid dying my hair for three months 
Buy a lottery ticket 
Mail a care package to my brother 
Meet my birth parents 
Celebrate my 24th birthday 
Get a new car 
Save at least $500 
Start a savings account 
Find a new hobby 
Have a garage sale 
Attend my brother's high school graduation 
Move into my first apartment 
Adopt a pet 
Learn to shoot a gun 
Have my hair professionally dyed 
Help my brother move into his college dorm 
Blog more 
Buy a Triangl bikini 
Go to 10 different concerts 
See Skrillex in concert 
See Knife Party in concert 
Mail someone a surprise package 
Have a spa day 
Go bowling with a group of friends 
Be part of the bridal party in a wedding 

[ S C H O O L ] 
Start my last year of nursing school 
Apply for graduation 
Get straight A's and B's for a semester 
Be on the E-Board of a school organization 
Participate in Relay for Life 
Raise $1,000 for Relay for Life 
Pass my EXIT HESI exam 
Graduate nursing school 
Pass my NCLEX exam 
Become a registered nurse 
Get my first RN job offer 

[ T R A V E L ] 
Travel to Las Vegas 
Travel to California 
Travel to Australia 
Travel to Europe 
Swim with sting rays in the Grand Caymen Islands 
Go on a camping trip 
Visit DisneyWorld 
Go on a helicopter ride 
Go to the Cherry Blossom Festival 
Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans 
Go to a St. Patrick's Day parade 
Watch the ball drop in Times Square 
Go to a midnight movie premier 
Go on a trip with my entire family 
Go to a drive in movie 
Visit a state I've never been to before 
Stay in a hotel for a night 
Take a road trip 
Go scuba diving 
Go to Ultra Music Festival 
Go to Medieval Times 
Drink from a coconut 
Go to a horse race 
Go canoeing 
Attend an NFL game 
Attend an MLB game 
Go pumpkin or apple picking 
Go to Dave and Buster's 

[ H E A L T H  &  F I T N E S S ]
Lose 10 pounds 
Lose 20 pounds 
Lose 30 pounds 
Get to my goal weight (140 pounds) 
Complete the 21 day fix 
Try SoulCycle 
Try a CrossFit class 
Participate in a Color Run 
Run a race for a cause 
Try Weight Watchers 

[ F O O D  &  D R I N K ] 
Drink at a beer garden 
Try all the restaurants on the "DC's Best" list
Make four drinks from my "Cocktail Hour" board on Pinterest 
Try five new restaurants (Impala) 
Go to a vineyard and do a wine tasting 
Go out for brunch 
Try the CapMac food truck 
Try a milkshake from BlackTap in NYC 
Eat at the Sugar Factory 
Go to Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar 

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