101 in 1001

Here is my personal list of 101 things I would like to accomplish in the next 1001 days. 
All tasks that have been completed are strikethrough /// Starting Date: August 2016 

( P E R S O N A L • 24 | 40 ) 
Get a little 
Get a new piercing (got my second hole pierced) 
Start a new TV series (Stranger Things) 
Vote in my second Presidential Election 
Donate blood 
Take a painting class
Celebrate my 23rd birthday 
Get a fourth tattoo (3/14/17) 
Get an apple watch 
Stop dying my hair for three months 
Get a new car (Jeep Wrangler, July 2017)
Save at least $500 
Start a savings account 
Get my first credit card 
Move into my first apartment 
Adopt a pet (Kitten, September 2017)
Have my hair professionally dyed 
Open a 401K and start saving money
Have a spa day (Spa day with mom before my NCLEX)
Redesign my blog (December 2017)
Celebrate my 24th birthday
Get my fifth tattoo (got a cover up of my fourth) 
Attend my best friends college graduation
Go to four different concerts (Knife Party, DJ Snake, Martin Garrix, Afrojack)
Attend my brother's high school graduation
Reach my 1 year mark as a Registered Nurse
Get a Louis Vuitton purse 
Go bowling with a group of friends
Collect 10 new horror movies (Annabelle Creation, The Conjouring 2, The Cabin in the Woods)
Go one month without ordering takeout
Buy a lottery ticket
Mail a care package to my brother
Reach 1,000 followers on Instagram
Learn to shoot a gun
Find a new hobby
Start blogging more
Have a garage sale
Upgrade to the iPhone X
Meet my birth parents
Hold a sloth

( S C H O O L • 11 | 11 ) 
Start my last year of nursing school 
Apply for graduation 
Get straight A's and B's for a semester 
Be on the E-Board of a school organization 
Attend my nursing pinning ceremony
Pass my EXIT HESI exam 
Graduate nursing school 
Pass my NCLEX exam 
Become a registered nurse 
Get my first RN job offer 
Attend senior week 

( T R A V E L • 2 | 30) 
Go pumpkin or apple picking (October 2017)
Go to Dave and Buster's (January 2018)
Go on a trip with my entire family (Bahamas 2018)
Travel to Las Vegas 
Travel to California 
Travel to Australia 
Travel to Europe 
Swim with sting rays in the Grand Caymen Islands 
Go on a camping trip 
Visit DisneyWorld 
Go on a helicopter ride 
Go to the Cherry Blossom Festival 
Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans 
Go to a St. Patrick's Day parade 
Watch the ball drop in Times Square 
Go to a midnight movie premier 
Go on a trip with my entire family 
Go to a drive in movie 
Visit a state I've never been to before 
Stay in a hotel for a night 
Take a road trip 
Go scuba diving 
Go to Ultra Music Festival 
Go to Medieval Times 
Drink from a coconut 
Go to a horse race 
Go canoeing 
Attend an NFL game 
Attend an MLB game 
Visit my best friend in Florida 

( H E A L T H  &  F I T N E S S  • 1 | 10 ) 
Try Weight Watchers 
Lose 10 pounds 
Lose 20 pounds 
Lose 30 pounds 
Get to my goal weight
Complete the 21 day fix 
Try SoulCycle 
Take a CrossFit class 
Participate in a Color Run 
Run a race for a cause 

( F O O D  &  D R I N K •  1 | 10) 
Try the CapMac food truck 
Drink at a beer garden 
Try all the restaurants on the "DC's Best" list
Make four drinks from my "Cocktail Hour" board on Pinterest 
Try five new restaurants (Impala) 
Go to a vineyard and do a wine tasting 
Go out for brunch 
Try a milkshake from BlackTap in NYC 
Eat at the Sugar Factory 
Go to Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar 

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