Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Five Ways to Make Extra Cash

1. Sell your unused items - I don't know about you, but I have A LOT of things both new and old laying around my house that are just taking up space. What better way to declutter and make some quick cash then selling some of your old things! You could go the traditional route and have a classic garage sale in your front yard, or you can do things online! I recently discovered an app called Mercari where you can buy and sell your unwanted items online. You can choose to ship the item yourself, or have Mercari make a prepaid shipping label for you then all you have to do is print the shipping label and ship the item. If you get the prepaid shipping label from Mercari, you can ship the item directly from your mailbox. If you choose to pay for shipping yourself, you can ship from your post office. Once the buyer receives the item, you get your money, and can request a direct deposit at any time. So far, I have made $645 from selling my unused items on Mercari. I have also bought a handful of things from the app as well. To get $10 off your first purchase using Mercari, use my referral code SWSHPJ (good for first time purchases only).

2. Get cash back - Many stores both online and in-store, offer cash back just for shopping. One of my favorite apps to use is Ebates. If you use Google Chrome, you can download the Ebates extension, and any time you shop online at your favorite stores Ebates will notify you if that store offers cash back. The cash back percentages ranges from each store, and some stores offer double cash back. There are thousands of stores that offer cash back on Ebates, but some of my favorite stores include Etsy, Ulta, Sephora and Kate Spade. In addition to getting cash back, Ebates provides coupons for some stores as well. So far, I've made $22 shopping using the extension. Ebates works using Paypal, so Ebates will deposit the money directly into your account for every $10 that you get back. Register here.

3. Take online surveys - There are various ways you can share your opinion online and get paid for your imput. My favorite is an app called "Surveys on the Go." Just put in your location, and the app will find paid opportunities for you. Surveys range anywhere from 1-10 minutes to complete, and even if you do not qualify you get $0.10. It may not seem like a lot of money, but after you do a few surveys it starts adding up. Some surveys even pay up to $50.

4. Babysit - This might seem pretty obvious, but babysitting is a great way to make some extra cash! This summer
I babysat for a few different families, and made some extra cash that I was able to use toward my first apartment. I found that the best way to get a babysitting job was through word of mouth, but there are also websites such as care.com where you can apply to babysitting jobs in your area! Many parents are looking for a date night sitter, or occasional weekday and weekend sitters which makes it easy to work with your current school or work schedule!

5. Become a tutor - This can either be in person or from your computer at home. You can apply to become a tutor on websites such as chegg. Pick the subjects you are interested in tutoring, verify your credentials and you are set. Tutoring generally requires more time than babysitting, and may require you to dust off your old textbooks, but is perfect if you are passionate about a particular topic or have an interest in teaching. The subjects range anywhere from high school to college level and include history, science, engineering, standardized test prep and even more!

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