Saturday, August 20, 2016

Review | ColourPop Cosmetics

For the longest time I have been hearing some of my favorite YouTubers talk about Colourpop and so I wanted to give their products a try. I did some research on their most eyeshadow and lipsticks shades and ended up buying two of their lippie sticks, and four eyeshadows. For the lippie sticks, I purchased the shades Dalia and Lumiere. In the super shock shadows, I purchased the shades Bill, Game Face (top), La La (middle), and Central Perk (bottom). I love the lippie sticks. I decided to buy matte shades because I have been loving the matte lip look lately. They go on really smooth and dry almost completely matte. I noticed that after I eating and drinking I had to reapply these but that tends to happen with matte lip products. The super shock shadows are stunning and they have gorgeous pigmentation. I think they are really unique because they have a cushiony texture instead of a powdery one. I find that these look best when you apply them with your fingers, but they also apply well with brushes too. Overall for the price you pay for these products, I think they are a steal. You get quality product without breaking your wallet. Both the lippie sticks and the Super Shock shadows retail for $5 each. The only complaint I have about Colourpop products is their packaging. I have placed three orders so far, and two of the three orders have come with mostly broken products. I spoke with customer service both times, and they shipped me new products. I really wish that they would spend some more time packaging the products so I didn't have the same issue twice but besides that, I would recommend trying them out because the products are great and you get $5 off your first order when you sign up with your email address. I have a more detailed review of these products on my YouTube channel as well.

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