Beauty Box Subscriptions | Which to Choose?

Friday, July 24, 2015

recently I have been considering subscribing to a beauty box/bag service, but I am having a lot of trouble deciding which one. I've seen a lot of people review each one of these, and they all seem worthy of subscribing to. The Ipsy Glam Bag and Birchbox are both $10 a month, while Glossybox is $21 each month so I am considering trying both for a month or so to see which one I like better, and then I'll decide which one to keep after I get my first bag/box. have any of you guys ever tried any of these subscription services, and if so which would you recommend trying?

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  1. Hey Carly! I just saw your name on the Grow Your Blog Facebook group and I thought I would check out your blog. I actually have a post describing three beauty boxes: . Hope this helps!


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